Sean & Patrick

Hey Y’all,

How wonderful to cross each other’s paths in this weird and exciting way. Oh, hi, I’m Patrick. Oh, you’re from Milwaukee? I’m sorry – oh have you met my friend Lillian; oh, I know we’ve only known each other for five minutes but were best friends. And In case you’re wondering who the other one is, that big blonde one on the left is Sean. He is all up in everyone’s business and knows everything about everyone. That’s why his hair is so big – it’s full of secrets. Sean and I were both named after famous actors of the past who now do infomercials, that’s why we’re perfect for each other!

We really didn’t know how else to introduce ourselves, so we just used some of our favorite quotes from our favorite movies, Bridesmaids and Mean Girls, with Clueless rounding home base. I know we have read a lot about being an adoptive family, and how to better understand what birth parents exploring adoption are going through, but the fact is that we will never understand. What you are going through is uniquely yours, and it’s evident neither of us two will be getting pregnant, so we will never come close to knowing. That being said, we just want to give you the most authentic glimpse into our lives as possible, so you can get a better sense of what life with us would be like.

And that’s what we hope you find here. It may be unconventional, but that’s who we have always been, and how we have learned to adapt and survive in this world. We definitely don’t do everything right, and you may see that in our profile if you look further. However, we are always looking for the ways to do better. Even sitting here typing this, Sean realized he was sitting with his foot tucked underneath his butt and said, “**** I have to stop sitting like this or I will mess up my knees before we even have kids!”

So we hope you find a little piece of us here as you look through, and if nothing else enjoy the entertainment. Yes, we know we have started many sentences with conjunctions – like we said we don’t do everything right! And if you have any questions, just ask.

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