Nik, Cas & Owen


We are Nik, Cas and Owen and we are very excited to expand our family through adoption.  Nik is a fun loving stay at home dad that loves to build things and spend time outside with Owen.  I am a retail manager that loves to spend time with my family when I am not at work.  Owen is a rambunctious almost two year old that loves to be outside.  Luckily we live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado so Owen gets plenty of time outside. Nik and I met almost ten years ago while we were working together and have been married for five years.  We are best friends and have a very close relationship.  Owen was placed with us a week after he was born and the adoption finalized almost a year later. Experiencing things through Owen has been one of the greatest adventures of our lives and we are excited to do it again with another child.  We are also excited to give Owen a sibling so that he will hopefully be able to have a friend to experience life with.

We are very excited about adopting another child that we can share our love and experiences with.  We have a lot of extended family close by that can’t wait for another child to join the family.  They have completely accepted Owen and can't wait for baby number 2.  We realize that you are going through a very difficult time right now and we appreciate you taking the time to look into us.  Good luck with your decision and we hope that you will consider us.

Thank you,

Nik, Cas and Owen


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