Kelly & Paul


Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We are so grateful for the chance to be a part of your birth plan.

We’re Kelly and Paul, and our family includes our son Elijah and dog Pumpkin. Paul and I have been married since 2011, but have known each other since 2006. We started as friends, but Paul and I knew we had something special beyond friendship. About Paul, he is someone who moves from hobby to hobby. He is currently obsessed with cooking the perfect Beef Bourguignon. (Because he has watched Julie and Julia a few too many times). But most of all, he is a loving dad and husband. I am a dedicated wife and mom who is looking for new restaurants, vacation spots and things to do for fun for our family. I enjoy traveling, running, swimming, yoga, podcasts and hanging out with friends. According to Paul, I also like to partake in my fair share of bad and binge worthy tv (Paul says, like all of the Bravo network, and You on Netflix.).

Paul and I knew that when we started our family, our idea was to have several children, because we knew how much of a positive impact having a sibling was on our lives. I grew up with two sisters, and Paul has one older brother. When we experienced infertility issues, our choices were to try and grow our family with adoption and IVF. We were fortunate to have our son Elijah through IVF in 2016, but unsuccessful with our remaining embryos. We experienced a miscarriage of our son, Lucas, at 12 weeks in late 2018. We remember him every day. Our family was not complete yet, and we revisited our adoption options in late 2019.

Our family enjoys being outside. We love hiking, biking, swimming and going to the playground. We’re all foodies in our home. Both Elijah and Pumpkin love ice cream. Kel and I like trying new restaurants. Paul loves slow cooked comfort food, and I love all food, but I really love fresh Mediterranean cuisine. Or sushi. I love sushi. We also love going to see fireworks on the 4th, baseball games in the summer, basketball and football in the fall and seeing family for the holidays, and playing in the snow in the winter. Paul and I try and see a few concerts each year. Our favorite concerts include Maggie Rogers, Alabama Shakes, The National, and Adele.

Paul and I both come from large, supportive families. My family is very big and primarily resides in Indianapolis, Indiana where I grew up. We go back and see my family several times per year, and it’s basically a family reunion every time. My family also comes out to see us several times a year as well. Paul has a large extended family, including in Korea and across the United States. Paul’s mom and brother live in Lakewood and we see them regularly. Most of our family have been there for all of our milestones, including our wedding and the birth of our son. We are so lucky to have them as family. We have many friends with children, including those who have been blessed with children placed with them through adoption. Our friend group is large, diverse and we see them as basically an extension of our families. We are there for them as they are for us.

Thank you again for taking the time to read our profile. We appreciate the decisions you have made, and the care you are giving to you and your child until we meet the both of you.

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