John, Heidi & Avery

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about us.

We are Heidi and John. We met 18 years ago in college, here in Colorado, and our lives have been joined since then. We were blessed almost two years ago to have Avery join our family through adoption. Heidi grew up outside of Chicago, the middle of three kids, raised by her mother from New Mexico and her father from China. John was raised by loving grandparents in New England. We are a smorgasbord of cultures.

We’ve had an eventful journey together. Heidi’s long road to become a doctor brought us to many places where we made many friends. Her career is challenging and rewarding and she could do not do it without John who is a great support. We were happy to move back to Colorado ten years ago.

John has worked as a builder and keeps busy with different projects, renovating our home and managing our rental properties. John is a great gardener and chef so he also keeps us well fed. He is a wonderful caregiver and stayed home to take care of Avery until she was one. 

Avery is a happy and social little girl. She loves being outside, drawing, dancing, swimming, our pets, and books. She is independent and adventurous. Avery enjoys school, where she goes three days per week, and her one day per week with John and one day per week with Heidi. Weekends are family time. 

We have a warm and happy home life, filled with music (John is a musician), a gentle and goofy dog Malley, and a sweet and social cat Sadie. We have a close group of friends with whom we enjoy skiing, camping trips, and backyard barbeques. Most of our friends also have young children who will be friends with Avery for a long time to come. Relaxing at home, walks to the park, going to the zoo and museum, and watching movies (for John and Heidi when Heidi can stay awake) are also favorite activities. Since we are close to family and friends around the globe we travel a lot to spend time with them. Luckily Avery is a great traveler and loves adventure. We are fortunate to have a strong support network.

We always planned to become parents and are grateful that adoption has allowed us to do so. Life has taught us that family can look many different ways and having Avery join our family reminds us that we all have our own stories and that we continue to write these stories together. We are excited to love and encourage another child each and every day and know that Avery will be a wonderful big sister. Our children will be raised in a stable, open, diverse and supportive family, and will know unconditional love.

Thank you for considering us. We wish you the best, 

John and Heidi 


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