Joel & Sean


It’s nice to meet you, even if it’s just online!

We are Joel and Sean, and we are very excited to be a part of this journey with you.Our lives together started 8 years ago, when a bright sweet Mississippi guy (Joel) first took a Coloradoan (Sean) on our first date. From the first moment we met, we never wanted to leave one other’s side. Our life is filled with so much adventure, from long road trips across the United States, to exploring other countries and cultures along with our 10-year-old pup Major. We couldn’t be more excited to meet a new addition to our family and continue our adventures.

Joel writes legislation for the Colorado House of Representatives, working with public officials to shape the future of Colorado, and Sean is the Human Resources Director for Camp Bow Wow’s corporate office, so not only does he get to work with dogs all day, but he gets to develop employees and impact his organization’s culture.

Our life in our beautiful home in the suburbs of Denver is filled with so many friends and family—parents, brothers, nieces and nephews, decades’-long friendships, and so many of their little kiddos—who are all ready to embrace our future addition and support and join us on this next step in our lives.

In his free time, Joel is an artist who enjoys spends his days writing, painting, and creating. (He is in the works of creating his first children’s book!) Sean is an avid home chef and baker, so the house is always filled with beautiful aromas of cuisines from around the world. (Sean has worked hard to perfect many of Joel’s Czech grandmother’s old family recipes!) We enjoy throwing backyard BBQs with our friends and family (that good southern BBQ), hiking, skiing, playing board games, and seeing live music. We’ve been to more than 250 concerts in our years together!)

We care deeply about our family and community and are constantly exploring ways to give back to our community, whether that’s by volunteering in a reading program at a local school or engaging our fellow citizens in civic activism. We have a strong belief in positive energy and the good in the world.

Our life is ready to be shared with a child. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and we are so blessed to be able to open our hearts and lives to someone special, to love, teach, protect, and nurture a child with all that we have. And we have so much love, laughter, and adventure to share!

We appreciate so much the gift that you are giving, and we hope that if you feel a connection to us, you’ll consider sharing this wondrous road.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration,

Sean and Joel

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