Jeff & Justin

Hello! We are Justin and Jeff. We are grateful to you for taking the time to read our profile as you consider the next steps in your courageous journey forward. 

We are a well-balanced couple whose approach to life emphasizes creativity, community and adventure.  Justin is an Architect and Jeff is an Artist and Teacher.  We are excited to take the next big step in our marriage and raise a child.  We are looking forward to creating a strong sense of family and foundation for a child in this turbulent world. 

We share a passion for participation in community activities and always strive for creativity in all that we do. This makes for a fun, lively, interesting, supportive and loving environment that your child will thrive in.  This is something we are so excited to share with your child- how to make the most out of your surrounding environment and create a sense of togetherness with those around you. We are both gifted in this area and will share that gift with your child.

Receiving a baby by way of adoption is an honor and privilege like no other and we respect the emotional and spiritual weight this process requires to see things through.  We send you enormous gratitude, strength, health and happiness as you move through this chapter of your life. Thank you for reading this and hearing our story.

Thank you,

Jeff and Justin 

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