Jeff & Jen

Hello and thank you for getting to know us!  We hope this overview gives you insight into our life, our values, and how excited we are at to start our family.

We met through work nine years ago and became friends instantly.  We shared many similar interests including skiing, hiking, trying new restaurants, and both were really committed to excelling in our careers.  Our friendship turned into dating and here we are married for nearly three years and looking to start our family. 

We feel fortunate to have wonderful careers that allow us to truly enjoy our time outside of work.  Jeff works as a Sales Director for a large technology company and Jen runs a North America sales program for a large software company. 

We have so much life and love to give and cannot wait until the day our family of three begins.  We are surrounded by other amazing waiting families and trust that there are so many wonderful options for you.  Thank you for being open to learning more about us.

Jeff and Jen 

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