Jason & Aden

Hi! I’m Jetson. My parents are Jason and Aden. I was adopted when I was a puppy. I have led an adventurous and loving life ever since, and we are excited to grow our pack with a little baby or two. Mommy and Daddy take me hiking, fishing, on long drives and walks around the neighborhood. We have some really friendly neighbors that give lots of pets!

We like to travel and have plenty of room in our RV for a little one. Mommy and Daddy enjoy going to the theater, to concerts, to ball games and out to eat, but as a dog, I don’t always get to join them on those adventures. We did recently get a new house, so I’m okay staying home. I have plenty of room to play and lots of rabbits to chase! That’s enough about me, but please check out Mommy and Daddy’s profile that is written from their point of view.

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