Cody & Tyler

Hello! We are Tyler and Cody. We are so grateful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Thank you for taking your time to learn more about us as you begin what is undeniably a very difficult decision and journey.

We feel so fortunate to live the life we do! We are happy, healthy, and supported by friends and family. We have always had so much fun together and we cannot wait to add a little one (or two) to the crew. Our family is extremely supportive and excited for us to become parents. We are excited to continue our family traditions and create new ones in our own home.

We love where we live and made our choice with a future family in mind. We live in a beautiful safe neighborhood in the suburbs. We have an inspiring view of the mountains. We have a really nice park within site of our front window. We are just a short drive to the city or the mountains and we take advantage of both. We live near great schools, parks, and outdoor trails.

Tyler is a corporate manager for a manufacturing company and Cody teaches special education. We both work hard to live a great life and remain financially secure. We both love our careers, but Cody is thrilled to be fortunate enough to stay home until our child is school age.

Our home is warm and inviting with a lot of light. Our kitchen is the heart of the home where we tend to gather when we have guests. As a couple, we eat at the dinner table most nights. We are looking forward to continuing this tradition as a complete family.  In our home, we will always encourage creativity and curiosity. We will provide education and support on any interests, hobbies, or talents. Our child will know unconditional love every step of the way. We will teach our child that kindness is necessary. Our child will be safe, warm, and protected every night by two Dads and two dogs.

We are absolutely honored to be considered by any Birthparent. There is no sacrifice that equals the one you are considering, and we know it is made with courage and love—whatever your choice may be. We are aware that a happy event in our life means a sacrifice for another. We will never take that for granted. The Birthparents of our child will always be respected and held in the highest regards.

Best Wishes Always,

Cody and Tyler

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