Chris & Cassie

Hi from Chris and Cassie.

We'd like to thank you for stopping by to check us out. We understand that your journey may include some of the hardest decisions you have ever faced, but know that if you choose us, your child will be forever loved and celebrated (as will you).

We are thrilled to bring one or two little ones into our home and our hearts. Parenthood has been a lifelong dream, and we are ready to grow.

Chris is a generous and talented man. He works as a digital designer and has a fine art and print-making background. He is an amazing cook, a pretty good fix-it man, and a kind, gentle, and funny guy.

Cassie is a nurse in a hospital. She loves to surround herself with Cody (dog) and Raina and Tucker (mother/daughter cat-duo). She loves yoga, nature walks, music, and is a pretty good dancer. Her heart grows full when she thinks about being a mom.

We met in Denver several years ago and married in 2014 surrounded by both of our families, whom we are very close to. We make visiting each other a priority. Our nephew Charlie is the youngest of the clan at 4.

We like to spend time with friends (many who have little ones), experience new places, people, and food, we love science and art, music and movies. We plan to share everything that is beautiful about this world with our children.

We thank you for considering us.

Chris and Cassie

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