Brian & Rachel

Hi!  I'm Ollie.  My mom and dad are Rachel and Brian.  Thank you so much for stopping and looking at our family profile.  I am so excited to be the protector of a little brother or sister and my mom and dad are over the moon to be adding to our little pack.  I was adopted too and it's been a nonstop adventure ever since.  They take me everywhere they can (hiking, camping, long walks, mountain weekends and even dog-friendly patios) and are constantly taking pictures of me.  I know they will capture every moment of the new little one once he or she joins our family.  I love getting my cuddles and mom tucks me in every night; her good nights are my favorite.  I think she's just practicing for when the new little one arrives.

I don't get to go everywhere, but I don't mind since I have this great house with a patio that's great for napping.  Mom and dad love football, so in the fall they dress me up in Broncos, Bears or Iowa State gear (I don't always like that), but it makes my mom happy to dress me up.  When not watching football, mom and dad are probably playing golf, going to baseball games, trips to the theatre or even traveling; there is always some new adventure going on.  When they aren't home, I just nap so I'm ready to go when they say "car ride".  Enough about me; time to check out the rest of my mom and dad's profile, this time written from their point of view.  

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