Ben & Krista

Welcome to our profile! Ben and I are so excited to start this journey, and want to thank those viewing our profile for taking the time to get to know us!

Our family is very much committed to health, both through having active lifestyles as well as eating healthy. We love being outdoors with our dog, and have annual traditions of traveling to both the mountains as well as Taos, New Mexico to take our dog hiking and snowshoeing.

Krista and I are both lucky to have chosen professions that align with our passions and allow us to each push ourselves in achieving new goals. Krista works in healthcare administration and I own a corporate event production company and have the flexibility to create my own schedule.

Ben and I are lucky to both have very strong support systems in both our families and friends. They cannot wait to join us in welcoming a new member of our family.

We want our child to grow up with an ongoing curiosity about the world around them, and we are committed to ensuring the continued creation of opportunities to feed this. Most importantly, we want our child to grow up understanding the role adoption played in their life and how they came to us.

We look forward to meeting you! 

Ben and Krista 


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