Andres & Jenn

Hi there!

We’ll get straight to the point…We are a pretty cool, loving couple who enjoys being active and doing all sorts of things.We like spending time with friends hosting football parties or during the holiday’s when we can all celebrate together.

We also love to travel. We’ve toured the Galapagos Islands, had a blast dune bashing in the desert in Dubai and we even hiked up an active volcano in the Andes. That being said, we also enjoy spending time together at home watching Netflix and relaxing while planning the next board game night with our friends or our next trip.

Ever since we’ve been together, we’ve been keen on the idea of adopting a child. Jenn herself was adopted by her family at a young age and we finally have the opportunity to be a waiting family!

Thanks to our careers, we are able to care for a kiddo and spend a lot of time bonding as a family. We are so happy to welcome a new member to our exciting, happy life.

We look forward to meeting you!

Thank you,

Andres and Jenn

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