Meet Waiting Families

Are you looking for a loving, stable home for your child? Expectant parents often have questions as they begin to search for the perfect adoptive family for their baby. At Adoption Options, you can be confident that all of our approved, waiting families have completed a thorough assessment process. Adoption Options welcomes all types of families from across the state of Colorado and we’re here to support you as you choose a family for your baby.

These families are currently waiting to adopt an infant from an expectant parent. Reach out today if you'd like to inquire about one of our waiting families and are ready to consider a plan of adoption.

Bart & Kris

Hello! We are Bart and Kris. Thank you for spending some time to get to know us. We hope this information will help you decide if we might be the right fit for you during this very emotional time in your life.

We are both Colorado natives and love living in this beautiful place.We met online in 2001.We hit it off immediately and have been together ever since.We got married in 2004.We have a house in Westminster on a quiet cul-de-sac where several kids safely ride their bikes in the s

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Cody & Tyler

Hello! We are Tyler and Cody. We are so grateful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Thank you for taking your time to learn more about us as you begin what is undeniably a very difficult decision and journey.

We feel so fortunate to live the life we do! We are happy, healthy, and supported by friends and family. We have always had so much fun together and we cannot wait to add a little one (or two) to the crew. Our family is extremely supportive and excited for us to become p

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Joel & Sean


It’s nice to meet you, even if it’s just online!

We are Joel and Sean, and we are very excited to be a part of this journey with you.Our lives together started 8 years ago, when a bright sweet Mississippi guy (Joel) first took a Coloradoan (Sean) on our first date. From the first moment we met, we never wanted to leave one other’s side. Our life is filled with so much adventure, from long road trips across the United States, to exploring other countries and cult

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Jarod & Jennifer

Hi, we’re Jen and Jarod, and we share our home in Golden with two dogs (actually, they share it with us). We have been together for more than 12 years, living in three different countries during that time and Golden has been home for the last eight years. Depending on the season, a typical weekend might involve skiing, culinary experimentation, hiking, biking, attempting home renovations, camping, running, playing board games, planning our next trip, or even scheming our next prank on Jarod

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Beau & Jeremy

Thank you for visiting our profile! We are Beau and Jeremy, and we live with our two dogs and cat in our home in Golden, Colorado. We have wanted to form our family through adoption since we met in January 2015 and got married in July 2017. We both come from loving, stable families who have been there for us at every step of the way, and we look forward to raising our child in a similar environment.

We are so excited to grow our family through adoption and can’t wait to meet our chil

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Sarah & David

Hi! We’re Sarah & David – two fun-loving, nature-loving, music-loving, and each-other-loving people that want to grow our family.

After years of struggling with infertility, we’ve decided that adoption is the way we’d like to make that happen. We live in a small and very special mountain town in southwestern Colorado. We are surrounded by national forest and a true community of long time friends and their children. We love being outside hiking, paddle boarding, biki

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Malyn & Jason

Hello and welcome to our profile page! We are so happy that you have taken the time to learn about us and I hope this profile gives you a glimpse into our family and what kind of life you can expect for your baby should we be so lucky to be chosen by you.

We met each other at our friend’s wedding way back in 2006 (pre-smartphone era, we had to actually talk on the phone!). We hit it off immediately and knew within months that we belonged together. In August of 2009 we made it o

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Maggie & Katie

Hello, we are Katie and Maggie. We can only imagine the journey that has brought you to this moment as you search for a warm and loving home for your child to thrive in. We can also only imagine the amount of courage it has taken.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our profile. We are honored and grateful for the opportunity to share a little bit about who we are and our vision for our family.

We have been together over 10 years, and our home in Denver is colorful an

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Brian, Terri & Anjali

Hello! We are Brian, Terri and Anjali. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We know how important it is that you find the home that you feel is right for your baby and we want to give you an opportunity to learn a little about us and our lives.

Terri and I were married in 2008. We knew that we wanted to be parents and we were blessed to be able to adopt our daughter Anjali in 2011. Being parents has been a wonderful and life transforming experience. Each child co

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Chris & Deepak

Hi, we are Chris & Deepak, a duo from opposite ends of the Earth who stumbled into one another’s path and joined forces to become unstoppable. Thank you for taking the time to check us out. If you continue reading I hope you’ll come to see how the pairing of a goal oriented doctor and a domesticated tinkerer might make for a pair of pretty darn good parents.

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