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Can Adoption Options provide financial assistance to birth parents?
Yes. Part of what your birth parent counselor will do is to connect you to any resources you might need. We can also help with pregnancy-related expenses such as those for medical care. Reach out today to talk about your individual needs and how we can help.

Birth Parent Scholarships Available!
Beginning January 1st, 2020, Adoption Options is proud to offer a Birth Parent Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance to birth moms and birth fathers. This program is intended to give birth parents an opportunity for a brighter future as they have provided a brighter future for their child.

Eligibility Requirements:
- All applicants must have placed an infant through the Adoption Options Infant Adoption Program within the past twelve months.
- Application must be submitted at least 90 days before the enrollment deadline.
- Scholarship can be used for any educational, trade or vocational school and may be used towards specific expenses, such as books, or applied towards a portion of the tuition.
- To be considered, applicants must provide proof of acceptance or enrollment.

Placing a child through Adoption Options does not guarantee eligibility for a scholarship. Awards will be distributed based on funds available and number of applicants. Scholarship selection is up to the discretion of the Adoption Options Birth Parent Scholarship Committee. Checks will be paid directly to the institution - not the applicant – within 30 days. All applicants will be notified as soon as their application is accepted or denied.

Please complete the following and return to Adoption Options via postal mail (attn: Samantha Deebs 1355 S Colorado Blvd Suite 501 Denver, CO 80222) or via email to Samantha Deebs with the subject line “Birth Parent Scholarship Application.”

Click Here to Download Application.

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