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It’s normal to have many questions about the adoption process. We're here to help! Please contact us, or read through a few of our frequently asked questions about Colorado adoption.

Is financial assistance available?
Yes, depending on the circumstances. Part of what your birth parent counselor will do is to connect you to any resources you might need. We can also help with pregnancy-related expenses such as those for medical care, maternity clothes, housing, or food. Reach out today to talk about your individual needs.

What does birth parent counseling mean? Why do I have to meet with a counselor?
Colorado requires that parents planning an adoption receive counseling in order to ensure that they understand all of their choices, rights, and responsibilities. In addition, we find that speaking with an understanding and compassionate counselor can be very helpful as you go through a complicated and challenging experience. Your birth parent counselor will also act as your advocate and support through the entire journey.

What about the father of the baby?
In Colorado, birth fathers have legal rights that must be considered. It’s required that the father of a baby be notified about a plan of adoption and he may choose to participate in counseling along with the mother. However, we understand that birth mothers often may feel that their situation is complicated, emotional, or threatening. If this is the case, our experienced staff will help explore what legal options might be available.

What will this adoption be like in the future? Will I ever hear how my child is doing?
In adoption today, expectant parents have many choices about how their adoption plan proceeds. Open adoption has become much more common and many expectant parents are interested in some type of future contact. Others may be looking for a relationship with less contact, or even none at all. However you envision the relationship with your child’s adoptive family, Adoption Options can help you make it a reality.

We know you will have many more questions at every step, and we're here to help with those! Reach out today by clicking one of the buttons at the top of the page, and we'll start getting your questions answered.

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