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Adoption has an immense and profound impact on not only the families and children involved but on our community as a whole. It is one of our important goals at Adoption Options to share the knowledge and experience we have gained since the agency began in 1981 with the general Colorado community, groups, and organizations that are interested in, or work with either birth parents, adoptive children, or adoptive families.

Whether you are a community group looking to learn about a local non-profit who serves the families and children of Colorado, or you are a hospital group searching for resources on how to best serve birth parents who may want to make a plan of adoption, or if you are an employer who has parents going through the adoptive process and would like to know how best to support them on their journey, we have a presentation for you.

Our presentations can be tailored to specific topics, or we can suggest what might be best for your needs. Presentations range from a 30-minute organizational overview to more in-depth training for your staff. Some of our favorite topics are listed below, but please reach out to hear our full offerings and so that we can plan the most effective and impactful presentation for your organization

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Learn more about becoming a birth parent to an adoptive family. If you’re pregnant you can connect confidentially with one of our birth parent support staff to discuss all of your options for FREE 24/7.

JJ was in the foster care system for 6 years, 3 homes, and one failed adoption before Adoption Options and her permanent family came into the story.

We truly are ALL adoption. Listen to families, birth parents, kids, caseworkers, and more as they describe what adoption means to them.

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