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Adoption Options provides other professional adoption services (in addition to our main adoption programs). Some of the services we offer are listed below. If you have additional questions or needs surrounding an adoption topic, please reach out to us.

The court may order birth parent relinquishment counseling if an adoptive family is petitioning the court for adoption where no agency or department of social services has previously been involved. Adoption Options can typically provide relinquishment counseling in one meeting. If the child that is being relinquished is over 12 years old, the child must also have a counseling session. We write a counseling affidavit after the session and submit it to the court or attorney in the case.

Search and reunion services and support are available to adoptees and families who were placed through Adoption Options for a fee. Post-adoption counseling services are also available to adoptees and/or families adopted persons need a listening ear, some knowledgeable advice, or someone to help them address some of the adoption issues in their lives for a fee. Please reach out to Adoption Options if there are other adoption-related services that you might be looking for. We'd love to chat with you about options.

The court may order an Abbreviated Home Study following the filing of a petition for adoption with the courts where no adoption agency was previously involved. This process typically involves one home visit, a home inspection, interviews with all family members and the child to be adopted, and background checks. It may also include evidence of health insurance, financial information, or anything else that the court may request. The study can be sent either to the attorney involved or directly to the court.

Custody evaluations are typically court ordered and the Adoption Options’ staff is very experienced in the assessments of families and children. We work with the family, the attorney and the court to provide a report in a timely and expeditious manner.

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