• Marianne, LCSW

  • Placement Supervisor, Program Evaluator and Event Coordinator
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Marianne Anderson has over 23 years working at Adoption Options as the Placement Supervisor for the Cradle Care program, clinical supervisor for the Adoption Options internship program and as the program evaluator for all agency programs. Marianne has built the Cradle Care program to what it is today, the largest cradle care program in Colorado with amazing volunteers who take care of newborns while awaiting adoption. Marianne’s experience working with undergrad and graduate interns reflects her deep dedication to higher education, building upon an individual’s strengths and preparing students for a career in social work.

Marianne is LCSW licensed in both California and Colorado.She graduated from the University of Denver in 1990 with a Master of Social Work specializing in mental health with an emphasis in finance and management.She received her Bachelor of Social Work with a minor in Psychology from Colorado State University. Marianne’s additional career experience includes working as the director at a foster care agency, a therapist for a residential center and for an out-patient mental health center for children and families. Her education and career reflect her commitment and passion for working with children and families.

Marianne loves going to Black Hawk and enjoying all it has to offer.

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