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Adoption Options is an inclusive, non-profit adoption agency dedicated to enriching the lives of children, youth and families. We provide education, placement services, counseling and support for all members of the adoption community.

Since 1981, Adoption Options' philosophy of “Embracing Choices, Enriching Lives” has brought together families of all races, religions and orientations. We are Colorado's leading non-profit, non-sectarian child placement agency offering an unprecedented range of vital services that benefit adoptive parents, birth parents, community partners and child welfare professionals.

We facilitate adoptions of infants, older children, sibling groups, foster children and children with health and emotional challenges. We offer no-cost decision-making counseling to birth parents not to direct their choices, but to provide the best information possible about what those choices are.

Our training department is fully committed to bringing adoptive parents, foster parents, and child welfare professionals real, informed and evidence-based practice guidelines and tools to help children and families be the most successful in their foster and adoptive journey.

Adoption Options’ believes that all children deserve a family to call their own. Our Flexible Families Program is designed to find the right family for a child and to ensure that children are successful and stable so that they may find permanency in a family.

Adoption Options is a non-religiously affiliated, non-profit agency accepting clients, irrespective of age, religion, ethnic or racial background, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or disability. Adoption Options is an agency committed to helping clients devise an adoption plan that is tailored to their individual needs and wishes.

In 2012, Adoption Options was the first agency in Colorado to earn the “Seal of Recognition” from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s All Children All Families. Adoption Options is proud to lead the way on being inclusive in the LGBT community and recruitment of families.

In 1981, a group of adoptive parents and adoption professionals joined together to form Adoption Options, a 501 (c) (3) licensed child placement agency. The mission was then and is now to provide non-sectarian adoption services for Colorado residents. To date, Adoption Options has placed over 1,800 children. Currently, Adoption Options employs 24 full- and part-time staff. Approximately 45 hours are volunteered by members of the community every month.

Central to Adoption Options’ service for our domestic infant program is its counseling program for women and couples who are considering adoption as an option for a crisis pregnancy. Through this program, Adoption Options counsels over 250 birth parent clients a year. Qualified counselors provide objective, sensitive and supportive counseling for birth parents throughout the lengthy decision-making and emotion-healing process…regardless of the birth parent’s final choice.

Adoption Options has a Flexible Families Program that seeks to place children from the child welfare system into safe and stable families. After placement, a team of professionals work to ensure that families have the adequate resources and services to promote success for the child and the family.

Adoption Options' REAL Training Solutions courses strives to teach and educate the community, professionals and families on trauma informed care and other relevant parenting information.

Since its inception, Adoption Options has provided leadership among its professional peers. The agency’s philosophy of partnership with adoptive parents and birth parents, community partners and child welfare agencies has put us at the forefront of the movement toward openness in adoption. The phrase “open adoption” is a flexible term that describes how adoptive and birth parents agree to communicate about their child. This communication ranges from exchanging a picture, to one-time meetings without identities shared, to a more comprehensive schedule of visits, letters and photographs throughout the child’s life.

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Learn more about becoming a birth parent to an adoptive family. If you’re pregnant you can connect confidentially with one of our birth parent support staff to discuss all of your options for FREE 24/7.

JJ was in the foster care system for 6 years, 3 homes, and one failed adoption before Adoption Options and her permanent family came into the story.

We truly are ALL adoption. Listen to families, birth parents, kids, caseworkers, and more as they describe what adoption means to them.

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