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Welcome to the Infant Adoption training program! Adoption Options provides important training above and beyond the state requirements for how to adopt a child in Colorado. Through our series of REAL Training Solutions courses, you will learn about the adoptive parent and birth parent experiences, what to expect from the placement process, infant care and safety, and adoption throughout your child’s life. Below we have included general descriptions for the courses. Families in our Infant Adoption Program should be registering for trainings as their home studies are being completed. Chat with your caseworker about timing for your trainings as you begin the home study process.

Trainings are held several times a year. If you're ready to register for trainings please email us for a schedule and link OR request one from your caseworker!

REAL Trainings Solutions Series:

  • My Adoption Journey
    • Part 1: The Birth Parent Experience (6.5 hours)
    • Part 2: Becoming an Effective Adoptive Parent (8 hours)
    • Part 3: Your Baby is Here: Now What? (6.5 hours)

These required classes are how you will begin your adoption training. Parts 1 and 2 take place prior to placement of a child. Sessions are held on a Friday and Saturday and are offered a number of times through the year. Part 3 should be completed after placement has occurred. Adoptive families at this stage will receive an invitation to register directly.

  • Dynamics of Transracial and Transcultural Adoption

Successful adoptive families have a healthy understanding of the issues of race and culture present in adoption. This course will challenge participants to consider these dynamics and supply them with the knowledge to manage them in the most effective way for their adopted children. (4 hours)

  • Infant Care for Adoptive Parents/Pediatric First Aid & CPR

Families preparing for an infant adoption will learn what to expect in the hospital or Cradle Care home, helpful tips about new parenthood, and up-to-date guidance about infant care and safety. Beginning in 2019, we will also be offering Pediatric First Aid & CPR training as an extension of this class. (2.5 hours for Infant Care, 4 hours for First Aid/CPR)

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