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So what does it look like to adopt an infant, or to adopt a child domestically with Adoption Options? Below is a high level description of the main steps! Each case is always unique, and we are here to support you throughout the journey. If you have more questions, or are ready to attend an Info Night, we would love to hear from you.

Step 1: Attend one of our free Information Night sessions to learn more about Adoption Options and our infant adoption program. We want you to feel comfortable and confident as you move forward, so please feel free to speak with a caseworker about any of your questions. Check our calendar for the next session!

Step 2: Once you’ve made your decision to move forward, request and complete an application form and submit it to Adoption Options along with the application fee and supporting documentation. After your application has been received and processed, we will reach out to your with second round steps.

Step 3: After completing your second round of steps and paying your home study and training fees, an Adoptive Family Caseworker will communicate with you about completing the family assessment (home study) process. This assessment involves a series of interviews, a home inspection, and completing medical forms, background clearances, and other documentation. During or after your home study is completed, you will be invited to register for the required training classes.

Step 4: Upon completion of your home study, you will be invited to meet with the placement supervisor for final approval. At that time, you will pay the next series of fees and will be added to our pool of waiting families.

Step 5: While you wait to be placed with your baby you will need to keep your home study current. This is done annually and is called an annual update. You may also be interested in attending trainings or other events through Adoption Options as you wait. Your caseworker will also continue to communicate with you and support you during this time.

Step 6: Once you have been chosen by an expectant parent, you will be invited to participate in a formal presentation of the case. This allows you to make a formal decision about whether or not you wish to proceed with this particular match.

Step 7: Depending on the circumstances of the case, you may be placed with a child directly from the hospital or from one of our Cradle Care homes. Your caseworker will be there to guide you through the placement process with compassion and sensitivity.

Step 8: After placement of a child, your caseworker will coordinate with you to complete the required post-placement visits, inform you of the birth parent(s)’ legal process, and schedule your finalization hearing in court.

Step 9: To complete the adoption process, you will appear in court for your adoption finalization hearing. This is a very special day! At this time you will receive a final decree of adoption for your child, and your caseworker will guide you through acquiring any other documentation.

Step 10: Congratulations! You are setting out on a new journey as adoptive parents. Many families choose to stay involved with Adoption Options as volunteers, donors, guest speakers, or attendees at our social and fundraising events. We can also be a resource for you as you navigate parenting your child. Our new social enterprise (ARISE Adoption Academy) is being created to specifically address the needs of adoptive families after their adoption has been finalized. Speak with us to find out how you can stay connected.

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JJ was in the foster care system for 6 years, 3 homes, and one failed adoption before Adoption Options and her permanent family came into the story.

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