Fresh Beginnings Program

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Adoption Options Colorado's Fresh Beginnings adoption program provides a second chance for children and adoptive families who are struggling following an adoption. This program has two components.

Fresh Beginnings Relinquishing Adoptive Parent Program:
This program is designed to help families that are struggling with an adoption, either domestically or internationally, and have tried multiple ways to preserve the placement but those attempts have been unsuccessful. Our Fresh Beginnings Adoption Program allows families to explore alternative placements that will be a “fresh beginning” for the child and the family. When the decision has finally been made that the child should move to a new home, Adoption Options can help with the transition, help facilitate the placement, and connect the current adoptive family to legal services. This is not an easy decision for anyone. Families and children need to have an experienced agency involved in the relinquishment process, the matching and transition of the child to a new family, and the post placement supervision and support with the new family.

Fresh Beginnings Adoptive Parent Program:
This program is designed to connect approved adoptive families hoping to adopt an older child with placing families looking to voluntarily place their adopted child and relinquish their parental rights. Much like our Flexible Families Program, these children have a history of trauma in their birth family and may have some ongoing behavioral or medical issues that have carried into their adoptive family. Unfortunately, the issues have become unmanageable for the placing family and they have decided to place the child for adoption with a different adoptive family. These children may have been placed through foster care at some point or they are international children that have come to the United States through adoption. Regardless, the common thread is that, for whatever reason, the child can’t continue to live with their current adoptive family. Adoption Options is here to help the placing family look for another family that has been approved to adopt and is ready to take on parenting their child through adoption.

Why use Adoption Options?
Going through the process of placing your adopted child for another adoption, or adopting a child who has experienced a previous adoption, can be a lengthy and complicated process. Our Fresh Beginnings Adoption Program is unique because of the extensive support and guidance you will receive throughout the entire experience. From the initial consultation through finalization and post-placement, both families will benefit from the expertise and adoption services available through Adoption Options.

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